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Retell 145 Telephone line conversation recording adapter

 Product reference : 1631

Retell 145 Telephone line conversation recording adapter

If you already own an audio recorder such as cassette recorder, dictation machine, MP3 player/recorder or mini-disc etc. which has a jack input socket for recording then you can use it with this adapter for recording phone calls.

Both sides of a conversation made on the telephone line regardless of which socket the adapter is plugged into or which extension phone is used will be recorded.
Recording adapter plugs into the telephone line to record 2-way conversations from your telephone line
Contains an electronic barrier to protect the user from any high or dangerous voltages on the telephone network

Convenient cable length of 2 m, long enough for hard to reach phone sockets

  • Works on both standard BT and Cable telephone lines

  • Works with always on Broadband Internet connections

  • Can be used with both corded and/or cordless phones

  • Connects to any recording device with a microphone socket

  • 3.5mm jack plug fits most recording machines. An optional jack converter is available (see below) for use with recording machines having a 2.5mm microphone socket

  • Silent operation - does not generate warning tones or beeps

  • Does not require power
Not suitable for;-
  • Recording directly to computers through the sound card

  • Offices which have ISDN & Digital PBX telephone systems - use the Retell 156 recording adpater instead
  • Recording VoIP telephone calls
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