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Retell 157 Telephone conversation recording adapter - record to PC

 Product reference : 1849

Retell 157 Telephone conversation recording adapter - record to PC

EasyFit connector for home/office use. Call recording connector for use with telephones with removable handset lead. Plugs between the handset curly cord and the base of the phone. Record and play switch enables calls to be replayed down a phone line.

Especially designed to isolate the earth of the phone system from the earth of the computer so recordings can be made directly to your PC's sound card input.

3.5mm jack plug fits most recording machines.
Telephone conversation recording adapter which records directly from the telephone being used. This adapter can be connected to PC sound card input.
Contains an electronic barrier to protect the user from any high or dangerous voltages on the telephone network

Convenient cable length of 2 m, long enough for hard to reach phone sockets

This adapter is transparent in use and does not generate any warning tones.

To record from cordless phones or phones which don't have a handset that can be unplugged the you should use the Retell 145 recording adapter instead.

Unlike the retell 145 and 156, this adapter can be connected to a computer's line/mic input to record conversations on your hard disk using your favourite audio recording software.
If you do not have software you will find many free programs available by searching the Internet - Audacity is recommended as a very powerful open source program with editing features
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