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BT Diverse 7460 Plus with Answering Machine

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BT Diverse 7460 Plus with Answering Machine

The BT Diverse 7450 plus is one of the top of the range models in the new BT Diverse range and has a built in digital answering machine. If more than one handset is required the BT Diverse 7400 extra handset needs to be purchased as well.

Following on from the BT Diverse 7450 Plus, the 7460 Plus comes with a handsfree speakerphone, keypad & display built into the base so you can also use the base as a handsfree deskphone as well.
Keypad & display on base unit
Answering machine with preset timer function
200 memories on base & 200 on handset
Handsfree speakerphone
Headset socket
Backlit display
Name & number Caller ID
200 name & number phonebook memories on base
200 name & number phonebook memories on handset
Phonebook copy between handset & base or between handsets
Backlit inverse display - 8 lines of white text on black background
Caller ID - 30 name & number
Call waiting compatible
Microphone mute
Handsfree speakerphone
Headset socket on the handset -2.5mm jack socket
Redial - last 10 numbers
Keypad lock
Handset paging
SIM reader with copy to/from SIM (not compatible with 3G and 5V SIMS)
Call groups with ringtone assignation
Handset naming
Auto answer on/off
Handset ringer priority
Recall - Timed break & Earth
Automatic PBX access code dialling for use on switchboards
Date, time & alarm
SMS text messaging
Intercom between handsets
Call transfer between handsets
3-way conference call
Handset belt clip
GAP compatible - up to 5 handsets

Answering Machine
27 minutes recording time
Answer only/Answer & Record modes
2 pre-recorded outgoing messages
Record your own outgoing message
Answer delay 2-9 rings/toll saver
Incoming message record - 1, 2, 3 mins or unlimited
Timed answer - switch the answering mode on/off at pre-set times (Frequency: Off, Daily, Mon-Fri, Sat or Sunday)
Memo record
Call screening
Remote access
Remote turn on

When multiple handsets are registered to the base
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