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Property Marking Kit

 Product reference : 1726

Property Marking Kit

Combining all the best features for marking your personal property we have included the UK's first dual UV/Permanent ink marker pen.

This will allow you to overtly and covertly mark your property (As recommended by the Police).
Securely mark your property and personal posessions
The pack contains

- 1 x Clip Close Bag
- 1 x Record Card
- 1 x Dual Marker Pen (Permanent UV and Permanent Ink)
- 16 x Clear Laminate Labels
- 6 x All Weather Warning Labels
- 2 x Mobile Phone/Ipod/MP3 Player Hologram Labels
- 1 x Cycle Wrap Around Label

Compatible accessories for the Property Marking Kit
  UV Blacklight Lamp
Handheld UV Blacklight Inspection Lamp (Money checker)
Handheld UV Blacklight Inspection Lamp (Money checker)