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Radius Headset Connection Lead (U10P EQ)

 Product reference : 1831

Radius Headset Connection Lead (U10P EQ)

The Radius U10P EQ Headset Connection Lead is a lead / cable that will connect your Radius Headset to your telephone.

It is commonly known as a bottom cable or a connection cable and is compatible with all four of the headsets in the Radius range.

At one end of this lead is the Quick Disconnect plug (QD) which connects to the QD socket at the end of the Radius headset, it is called quick disconnect as you can quickly disconnect it from the headset if you need to move away from your desk phone during a call and reconnect it when you return to your desk phone to continue the call.

The other end of the cable is an RJ11 plug and connects to a standard modular telephone jack on the phone. The RJ11 socket is the most common socket used on corded telephones today.
Bottom cable to connect Radius headsets to your phone's headset socket.
Radius Headset Cable
U10P Bottom Lead
Compatible with all Radius Headsets
Quick Disconnect